"I keep wondering, how many people do you need to be, before you can become yourself."

— Iain S. Thomas, I Wrote This for You (via endangerment)

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A short Google poem


A short Google poem

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"They look into my eyes, and they think they know what’s wrong with me, I fool them into thinking that my eyes are penetrable but its not, no one can ever go through it not it even myself"

I want to be able to make my own choices, I fuckin hate how sometimes I agree with stuff that I dont want to, only because people think its the best for me. They dont know what is best for me they know nothing and they will never know, I am so sick and tired of all of this and I seriously need some alone time.


You never loved me, you just liked me and there is a quite a difference between them. Love is strong, and it takes a long time till it dies, not that soon actually never that soon. Distance proved that and the short period proved it even more


We live in fear

we fill our lives with fear, and this fear makes us see the world differently, perceive people and things differently. Fear drags our lives into a dark narrow tunnel away from the sun. We fear our past, we fear our present, and we even fear our future. We fear decision making, we fear saying the truth or hearing it. We fear confronting ourselves, we fear abandonment, and we fear rejection. We fear falling love, as we fear getting hurt. We fear letting go, as we cant accept the fact that they are gone. We fear losing someone, as much as we fear death. We fear saying how we really feel, and we fear judgments. We fear the world.

Fear is a weapon that we use against ourselves, ruing our lives with our own hands. keep letting fear walk you through life, just know that the road your fear is walking is a dead end.






literally every person on tumblr.

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Dear, John

Inspired by Nichlos spark’s novels and plenty of songs

As I write this I think about you, I think of all the good times we had, of the ups ,of the downs , we were always there for each other, as days pass I start to learn that you and me can owe the world, can ride the stars and while we accomplish this remember to slow down and make it last. This is all I ever wanted, you are all I have ever wanted. And now you are so far away distant,  but inside my heart you are locked with the chains of my love, inside my heart you were never distant, but am lost am so lost where are you , I am already gone. I continue to write carrying every memory with me, the memory of our first look that went on to be our first date and then turned into love , the very first love. I remember each word, each look you gave me that day ” baby you light up my world like nobody else” and I thought” I have felt this way before, but this feels like the first time”. Each word you say feels like poetry, love songs, and every word you say I think I should write down. Been up all night, staring at your image, thinking about you, what has gone wrong ,nothing am just in love. You made me confident; you only saw the best of me. I say am lucky to have someone that loves me, yes am the lucky one. When am with you I feel that my restless soul has finally reached a safe haven. If you still feel distant come home I have been waiting for you so long. Right now I feel a change in weather, and I am praying that you and me may again end up together, my heart, my home, my love, my soul, don’t only seek for what you need I just want to tell you that you  are my heaven and heaven doesnt seem faraway any more. They say home is where the heart is, and I have always been driving down in circles afraid to call this place my home? So are we there yet home? Now you have to face it you are addicted to love,. Now I set the fire to rain, I let my heart fall hoping that you may rescue it, yes my hands is strong but my knees are far too weak so will you hold me? Don’t deny it, all this time we were waiting for each other, but now as you break my heart I break yours, so when it breaks it breaks even. But what am supposed to do when the best part of me was always you, what am supposed to say when am all chocked up and you are okay, yes am falling to pieces and no.. no wise words would ever stop the bleeding. I remember your promise ” I swear by the moon in the stars and the skies I ‘ll there, and I swear like a shadow that by your side I  ‘ll be there” and so I keep bleeding in love. Just know that the path, the steps we made together through the restless busy life is a walk to remember. As I write my final words in my note book I remember our song,

P.S I love you no matter what


Roller coaster

A roller coaster, ridden every day

And the ups and downs

,is driving me insane

Emptiness is what defines my life

, or so remain to claim

I wake up everyday hoping for something new

,but all find is the only road I ever knew

My heart wants to beat

, but it’s too heavy for me to compete

Sounds all around happy and satisfied

, saying whats going on in their life

While I watch them from behind

, I have nothing to share not even to hide


Lost and confused,

But I don’t know why

I keep searching for something

, that I will never find

Am tired of thinking of nothing

, am tired of being confined